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Welcome to Audio Bible,
the King James Version narrated
by Alexander Scourby is online!

Yes, you can listen to the entire Bible on the Internet! You can also buy Audio Bible as commercial software for your Windows 95 PC.

ROMANS 10:17 So then faith [cometh] by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

Back In the forties Alexander Scourby recorded the very first narration of the Bible. It was produced by The American Foundation For The Blind and distributed by The American Bible Society as The Talking Bible. The Logo on the records read "God's Word for a new age". Fifty years have passed and I would like to present to you "God's Word for this new age." The oldest Book in the world is now available in multimedia. Instead of 67 wax records running at 16 2/3 Rpm speed it now fits onto one CD-ROM disk. Yes with Audio Bible you can listen to all 72 hours of audio without flipping a record or tape. You may ask yourself, why you need Audio Bible? One of my friends made the point clear to me. He asked me, "tell me of one thing your father ever wrote to you?" My mind went blank. After a few seconds he said, "now tell me things your father told you?" My mind began to fill with memories and his point was made. We remember better if we hear it and best if we read along with what we hear. This is what Audio Bible is all about. For centuries the Bible was read aloud, even when in private, remember the story of Philip and the Eunuch?

ACTS 8:30 And Philip ran thither to [him], and heard him read the prophet Esaias.

Dear Friend of the Bible:
Alexander Scourby Black & White Image  Alexander Scourby Color Image

Alexander Scourby

"I offer you the most rewarding gift you will ever have an opportunity to give someone you love ... THE HOLY BIBLE ...the world's most important book, and a gift of a lifetime for anyone to receive. Although I have narrated more than 500 books, I consider the Bible my most important work. Why? Because it is the one book that has the power to inspire, encourage, comfort and change the life of the person who hears it. I know this because during the many years since I narrated the bible, numerous people have written thanking me for creating such a beautiful reading. I have been greatly humbled and moved by the many letters I have received from people around the world telling me how God used the Bible narration to change their lives and the lives of their loved ones, encourage them in their hour of need, and even healed them as they listened to the Words of Life.

I am very honored that God chose me as an instrument to narrate his eternal Word. I am awed by the realization that after I transcend this earthly realm to the heavenly, this beautiful recording will still be here to comfort and encourage all who will listen. I am also proud that I recorded the King James Version. Although many other versions of the Bible have been written, the King James Version is my favorite. It is still recognized by Bible scholars and academics as the most accurate and most beautiful rendition ... and for the sheer beauty of the English Language the King James version has no equal. I know that you will love it."

The above was written by Alexander Scourby a number of years ago, and it's as true today as the day he wrote it. Now you have the opportunity to bring this treasured narration into your home and into the lives of your family and friends. Alexander Scourby is a legend in narrative readings, whose incomparable voice is known throughout the world as "THE VOICE OF THE BIBLE." The fabled Scourby reading now comes in a brand new exciting format: The Bible on computer CD disc for Windows 95.

The audio cassettes have been a favorite of listeners for 50 years and have won international acclaim as "the finest recording ever produced." Millions feel they are blessed daily to hear Alexander Scourby's dramatic and moving reading of the King James version of the Bible.


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